- Who is Hussain ?

"Hussain?! Absolutely he was just a killer !" , "Islam is hunters religion and Hussain and Muhammad have shown that !" , "Yes I do know! ISIS is Hussain's and your Islam's symbols !" , "You are Muslim! Have you brought your gun and sword by yourself ?" , "Are you terrorist ?" , ...

How annoying are these kinda discussions when you enter in a chat room or website for learning English or having a nice conversation with others and someone starts discussions like those from nowhere when he knows you are Muslim ?

I don't blame them because everything they know about Islam and Hussain is many wrong advertisements against Muslims. Moreover, recently ISIS has become the Islam symbol in the world , however , their outfits,talks,... and everything they do is just dirty political ideas from others to ruin the Islam.

Some questions that maybe curious you : 

- Have you ever thought that why their name is ISIS when it must be ISIL ? Why their name must be changed in English to become ISIS

- If they are from religion X and they want to spread it, why they are showing it wild like animals ?

- Who will profit from ruining Islam and division of Shias and Sunnis ?

I'm not saying that everyone must believe in Islam! No, everyone has his own faiths and I respect them. But it is better to have knowledge about who and what are we talking about and don't believe anything blindly.

Anyway, if you want to know who was the Real Hussain , what is the Muharram and Ashura , you can start from here : whoishussain.org