- The empty week

It's about a week that I'm out of my own control. Events just happen and I don't care about them. I have lost my hope for future, maybe in the most important time of my life that will shape my future life. Many plans have been made and we are swimming in them without knowing how to swim in the right way! They need so much time and effort and I am under pressure from my family plus the shock and sadness of what happened a week ago.

- It's time to take off the box! :(

Sometimes you'd like to do something but it's not the right time. You have to prepare yourself and be sure about the consequences of your work. It is the hard part of the job, think about everything, make decisions, fix problems or make plans on fixing them in the future, work hard on them, ... .
Seems tough, but they are not as hard as thinking about your goal all the time and when the time comes either you ruin everything or everything ruins you!

Anyway, I have to move on. The time is passing and I am losing it. My life isn't just mine and I have responsibilities ...