Hello everyone.

I am trying to improve my English language and that's why I have made this blog. Forgive me for my mistakes and if you found free time , give me some advice to rectify my wrong statements.

My friends Faraz , Rahmat and I are in a dorm and we are going to stay there in this summer .

Faraz and I want to prepare ourselves for ACM contest and solve problems in programming contest websites like codeforces. Also we have a hidden friend :) yashar , who is working sometimes and then will disappear for a week or more and ... anyway he is our team's captain and I can't continue more but i will make fun of him in future :D

Ah! I forgot to say that rahmat is preparing himself for university entrance exam , i hope bests for him.

This is our team for ACM contest that will be held at last days of Azar.

Ok I think this is enough for my first blog... bye!