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I am trying to improve my English language and that's why I have made this blog. Forgive me for my mistakes and if you found free time , give me some advice to rectify my wrong statements.

18 - Life is Pulsing Heavily

- 60 times shocked in 1-hour conversation!

Life is messing with us lately, It seems that it has decided to take us down. Many dreams that we had, have become some bitter memories and now we are facing with some hard to decide situations.

I don't mean that we hadn't good things lately but the bad ones were too heavy and life-changing. You think you are fine and have thought about everything, start to talk and get shocked over and over! Actually, the titles are the short stories of our last days, about every day.

We don't know even what is going to happen in next hour. Choosing the right path and moving through it has become overwhelming because this is not a simple intersection. We have to choose between a _very risky but dreamy_ and _less complicated and promising_ things. Which one would you choose?

- Life is Pulsing Heavily

Obviously, Everyone's life is pulsing, going up and down many times over the time. But in last months the pulses were too heavy for us, changed the directions and our imagined life.

Sad days count are taking over the happy ones. It is totally up to two of us now, If we act strongly, everything will be fine in next years and if we failed, the counting would go forward in the same way! ( more hope for first one :)


Honestly, I don't like the last posts, because they all have some sad tastes. I hope we will do our best in next months and I will write happy posts soon ...

۱۳ خرداد ۹۶ ، ۰۰:۴۶ ۱ نظر موافقین ۱ مخالفین ۰
محمد افتخاری

17 - It's going to be 6 years!

- It would be If 11<8 was true!

"Well done Mohammad. It seems that you will be graduated sooner than semester 8!" said my cousin 3 years ago , in front of his child to make a point for him!

I'm sorry for disappointing him but I am glad that I have never believed that certification is the main purpose of going to the university. It became stronger when I stepped into the Competitive Programming world thanks to Yashar, and to Faraz for refuling me in this road. Actually in university you have to learn how to study and how to live. Have hard situations and carry them on by your own and grow up to become a man.

For being late, I have been blamed many times, but I think that they have started to believe my words and some of them are asking me to keep this on!

- It's going to be 6 years!

I will have my 11th semester in autumn of this year, It is going to be my 6th year of education in the Urmia University. I feel like I have lived 15 years here, It has passed and also is passing too hard for me. There was always something to make situation harder and harder, sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally and ... .

Anyway, this is how life is supposed to be. I am planning to have some changes in my life. Important changes in my life that need Strong changes in myself.

۱۵ فروردين ۹۶ ، ۱۹:۴۱ ۱ نظر موافقین ۱ مخالفین ۰
محمد افتخاری

16 - The Unfinished Job

- I can't change my direction !

Holidays are good time for thinking about what has happened to you. I have been thinking about my memories in last 5 years, since I started my university.

What I expected to be and What I have become to. What I wanted to have and What I have now.

Many times I complained about things that I lost , things that I couldn't ever have , ... . But when I was watching them again, I cleaned all of my memories after each of them and tried to imagine my current day providing that it has happened. Some of them seemed great like dreams , full of hope and happiness , many things that a man can wish for. Some of them were horrible , tough days , hard situations , bad things could have happened and ...

When I was checking the reachable ones ( not fantasy ones! ). I could see something is missing from all of them. Something that can be the reason for why I can't change direction of my life , for why I have failed everytime that I have decided to do something big that could have changed my storyline.

- The Unfinished Job !

Hmmm ... It seems that I have found the reason finally. Something has to be done before things that I was dreaming for. Something that later I wanted to be done but I had forgotten it in this many years and events. I know that it will take time but it's time to focus on it more than before ...

۰۴ فروردين ۹۶ ، ۱۳:۴۹ ۰ نظر موافقین ۱ مخالفین ۰
محمد افتخاری

15 - It's time to take off the box! :(

- The empty week

It's about a week that I'm out of my own control. Events just happen and I don't care about them. I have lost my hope for future, maybe in the most important time of my life that will shape my future life. Many plans have been made and we are swimming in them without knowing how to swim in the right way! They need so much time and effort and I am under pressure from my family plus the shock and sadness of what happened a week ago.

- It's time to take off the box! :(

Sometimes you'd like to do something but it's not the right time. You have to prepare yourself and be sure about the consequences of your work. It is the hard part of the job, think about everything, make decisions, fix problems or make plans on fixing them in the future, work hard on them, ... .
Seems tough, but they are not as hard as thinking about your goal all the time and when the time comes either you ruin everything or everything ruins you!

Anyway, I have to move on. The time is passing and I am losing it. My life isn't just mine and I have responsibilities ...
۰۶ بهمن ۹۵ ، ۱۷:۱۶ ۰ نظر موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰
محمد افتخاری

14. Who is Hussain ?

- Who is Hussain ?

"Hussain?! Absolutely he was just a killer !" , "Islam is hunters religion and Hussain and Muhammad have shown that !" , "Yes I do know! ISIS is Hussain's and your Islam's symbols !" , "You are Muslim! Have you brought your gun and sword by yourself ?" , "Are you terrorist ?" , ...

How annoying are these kinda discussions when you enter in a chat room or website for learning English or having a nice conversation with others and someone starts discussions like those from nowhere when he knows you are Muslim ?

I don't blame them because everything they know about Islam and Hussain is many wrong advertisements against Muslims. Moreover, recently ISIS has become the Islam symbol in the world , however , their outfits,talks,... and everything they do is just dirty political ideas from others to ruin the Islam.

Some questions that maybe curious you : 

- Have you ever thought that why their name is ISIS when it must be ISIL ? Why their name must be changed in English to become ISIS

- If they are from religion X and they want to spread it, why they are showing it wild like animals ?

- Who will profit from ruining Islam and division of Shias and Sunnis ?

I'm not saying that everyone must believe in Islam! No, everyone has his own faiths and I respect them. But it is better to have knowledge about who and what are we talking about and don't believe anything blindly.

Anyway, if you want to know who was the Real Hussain , what is the Muharram and Ashura , you can start from here :

۲۲ مهر ۹۵ ، ۰۰:۵۱ ۰ نظر موافقین ۱ مخالفین ۰
محمد افتخاری