- Playing FIFA

Have you played FIFA and PES ? Honestly, I am one of the PES fans , because it is easy to play and you have fun with your friends during the game because of fast movements and killer shoots , but I can't ignore how great is FIFA16! 

It has great graphic and players moves are like real life players moves ! Its gameplay is so harder than PES and you have to think about everything you are doing otherwise you can't keep the ball more than some seconds! It makes tired your brain if you play much. 

I remember that we played FIFA15 before Lahijan University Contest. We were really tired during the contest and we did awful in it ! :(

- Faraz's MemoryLimit

We had a contest today , Codeforces Round #367 (Div. 2).

Faraz had a strange mistake in his code. He had used string "zz....z" as biggest lexicographically string in problem C. He didn't know that it can be like suicide for him! because 10^5 strings with length 10^5 will be 10^10 and ... yes MemoryLimit because of silly mistake. 

Fortunately he corrected his mistake. Actually he could use a single letter ('z'+1) for this purpose! It is good to remember it and don't repeat it again. 

- News :

. Faraz and Rahmat have bought Pickled Peppers again and they eat so much of it with dinner. After dinner they scream and cry for minutes and eat yoghurt ... it is so funny to watch them :D :D :D

. Finally after a month we found kitchen lamp's switch :D it was behind the oven.