- It would be If 11<8 was true!

"Well done Mohammad. It seems that you will be graduated sooner than semester 8!" said my cousin 3 years ago , in front of his child to make a point for him!

I'm sorry for disappointing him but I am glad that I have never believed that certification is the main purpose of going to the university. It became stronger when I stepped into the Competitive Programming world thanks to Yashar, and to Faraz for refuling me in this road. Actually in university you have to learn how to study and how to live. Have hard situations and carry them on by your own and grow up to become a man.

For being late, I have been blamed many times, but I think that they have started to believe my words and some of them are asking me to keep this on!

- It's going to be 6 years!

I will have my 11th semester in autumn of this year, It is going to be my 6th year of education in the Urmia University. I feel like I have lived 15 years here, It has passed and also is passing too hard for me. There was always something to make situation harder and harder, sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally and ... .

Anyway, this is how life is supposed to be. I am planning to have some changes in my life. Important changes in my life that need Strong changes in myself.