- 60 times shocked in 1-hour conversation!

Life is messing with us lately, It seems that it has decided to take us down. Many dreams that we had, have become some bitter memories and now we are facing with some hard to decide situations.

I don't mean that we hadn't good things lately but the bad ones were too heavy and life-changing. You think you are fine and have thought about everything, start to talk and get shocked over and over! Actually, the titles are the short stories of our last days, about every day.

We don't know even what is going to happen in next hour. Choosing the right path and moving through it has become overwhelming because this is not a simple intersection. We have to choose between a _very risky but dreamy_ and _less complicated and promising_ things. Which one would you choose?

- Life is Pulsing Heavily

Obviously, Everyone's life is pulsing, going up and down many times over the time. But in last months the pulses were too heavy for us, changed the directions and our imagined life.

Sad days count are taking over the happy ones. It is totally up to two of us now, If we act strongly, everything will be fine in next years and if we failed, the counting would go forward in the same way! ( more hope for first one :)


Honestly, I don't like the last posts, because they all have some sad tastes. I hope we will do our best in next months and I will write happy posts soon ...