- I can't change my direction !

Holidays are good time for thinking about what has happened to you. I have been thinking about my memories in last 5 years, since I started my university.

What I expected to be and What I have become to. What I wanted to have and What I have now.

Many times I complained about things that I lost , things that I couldn't ever have , ... . But when I was watching them again, I cleaned all of my memories after each of them and tried to imagine my current day providing that it has happened. Some of them seemed great like dreams , full of hope and happiness , many things that a man can wish for. Some of them were horrible , tough days , hard situations , bad things could have happened and ...

When I was checking the reachable ones ( not fantasy ones! ). I could see something is missing from all of them. Something that can be the reason for why I can't change direction of my life , for why I have failed everytime that I have decided to do something big that could have changed my storyline.

- The Unfinished Job !

Hmmm ... It seems that I have found the reason finally. Something has to be done before things that I was dreaming for. Something that later I wanted to be done but I had forgotten it in this many years and events. I know that it will take time but it's time to focus on it more than before ...