- Used to Computer

I am so sad for myself because I am used to using computer and internet everywhere. Nowadays this is a typical issue, specially for computer students. I can't throw away my laptop and say "No more ...!" because It is my favorite field , future work and I have to prepare myself for next ACM competition. 

Sometimes I think that maybe it would better if I was born in 19th century and hadn't seen this digital life ! Everything was real , I could have long mustache with archery talent , Faraz was a big strong man and a mace bearer and we fought with king Yashar for his unkind orders :) :P :D ... I don't know everything except this type of life.

Anyway, Thank God for everything. I love my family and friends. Maybe if I wasn't in digital age , I couldn't watch and read Sherlock Holmes serials and stories and it was much worse ... ;)

- Update ...

Feedbacks after publishing the blog! :

Yashar : "I like too live in the woods. I hate chairs and desk. I like to hunt animals and cook them on fire. It's not natural to go to store and buy meat and cook it on the Oven."

Faraz : "I like to live in caves :|"