- Awesome T-Shirts

Have you seen such T-Shirts ? I like the ideas of their photos. Sometimes a simple photo on them , talks more than a book. The photo on this T-Shirt is short description of our life in last 2 months. Wake up , have breakfast , code till noon , have some rest , have lunch , read or code till night , have dinner , rest , write a blog , sleep , Wake up , ... that's nice :) Ok maybe I exaggerated , but at least we are trying to be like that ...

- New problem about LinkLists

I am so glad that I saw another problem that needs to be solved using linklists , because this is a scarce thing! Yesterday I couldn't solve the problem in contest time, also after it and today i checked the editorial that was a surprise for me.

Problem says that we have a matrix and in queries we want to swap 2 submatrices of it with some conditions. For solving the problem we need to create a linklist with matrix members , each member is linked to it's neighbors. For each query we just need to change the links of the borders of the submatrices, because members at inside of the submatrices will remain in the same positions related to the borders. ( check the comment )

- News

. Unfortunately today Rahmat and Faraz put some restrictions on eating the Pickled Peppers and I missed watching them after dinner while crying and screaming. It is not funny again :|

. I learnt new formula about binary operators : a+b = (a^b) + (a&b)*2